Oak Haven is one of the nicest RV Parks in the College Station area

Oak Haven RV: The Best RV Park in College Station You Never Heard Of

Welcome to Oak Haven RV, your go-to destination for an unforgettable RV experience in College Station, Texas. In this blog post, we’ll explore why Oak Haven RV should be your top choice, highlighting its prime location, affordability, fantastic amenities, and spacious RV lots.

What Makes Oak Haven RV Stand Out

Living in an RV or using an RV as a vacation home offers a robust series of benefits that are helping to change minds across the United States on this alternative housing arrangement. It provides individuals financial freedom, the ability to easily explore new places, and the ability to easily relocate your abode at any time that suits you. Here are some reasons to consider an RV as an alternative to renting an apartment.


Nestled in Bryan, Texas, Oak Haven RV offers an unparalleled location just minutes away from College Station. This strategic positioning allows easy access to historical landmarks, delectable Texas BBQ joints, vibrant nightlife, local events, and more. Moreover, being a quick jaunt from Texas A&M, Oak Haven is the perfect basecamp for a gameday weekend. From Oak Haven, you are also poised in the perfect location to make a quick trip to Austin or Huston to enjoy the food and nightlife.


One of the standout features of Oak Haven RV is its affordability. With nightly rental rates starting as low as $45 and monthly rates from $475, Oak Haven provides an economical alternative to local hotels that may charge hundreds of dollars per night. Additionally, compared to monthly rents in some areas reaching several thousand dollars, Oak Haven RV is a cost-effective choice for both short and long-term stays. Enjoy comfort and savings without compromising quality.


A crucial aspect of any RV park is the range of amenities it offers. Oak Haven RV excels in providing essential services to make your stay comfortable and convenient. From dump stations to propane refill services, cable and Wi-Fi access, to on-site laundry facilities and showers, Oak Haven ensures that all your needs are met. The well-maintained grounds, adorned with trees and surrounded by walking trails, create a welcoming environment for RV enthusiasts.

Spacious Lots

At Oak Haven RV, we understand the importance of space and choice. Choose from a variety of RV lots, including gravel and leveled concrete options. Our spacious lots are thoughtfully designed, with many nestled under the canopy of green trees, providing a perfect blend of ambiance and privacy. Whether you prefer a short-term stay or a more permanent housing solution, Oak Haven RV offers flexibility to suit your needs.

Community Feel

Some local RV parks are overflowing with tourists and their toys, creating a loud and dizzying atmosphere. At Oak Haven RV you will instead find a cozy community feel – welcoming without being overwhelming. Enjoy peace and the beauty of nature under the canopy of green trees.

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Oak Haven RV: Affordable, Cozy Living With a Community Feel in Bryan, Texas

In conclusion, Oak Haven RV stands out as the ideal RV park in College Station, Texas. With its unbeatable location, affordability, excellent amenities, and spacious RV lots, Oak Haven provides a memorable and cost-effective RV experience. 

Make Oak Haven RV your basecamp and embark on a journey filled with adventure, comfort, and all the attractions that College Station has to offer.

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